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Badges Offered

   American Cultures
   American Heritage
   Bird Study
   Citizenship in the Community*
   Citizenship in the Nation*
   Citizenship in the World*
   Digital Technology
   Disabilities Awareness
   Emergency Preparedness*
   Family Life*
   Fire Safety
   First Aid*
   First Aid for Advancement
   Game Design
   Nuclear Science
   Personal Management*
   Public Health
   *Badge fulfills requirements for Eagle

Harper Church

10384 SE Sedgwick Road

Port Orchard, WA 98366

Saturdays, 8:45 A.M. to Noon
Saturday, January 08, 2022, Saturday, January 22, 2022 and Saturday, February 05, 2022


Registration Deadlines

Registration is open first to all Kitsap District Scouts and opens on 12/1/2021 @6:00 PM. Scouts from other districts may not begin to register until December 15th. Registration will close on December 31st, or sooner if all classes are filled. Counselors will start to contact registered Scouts up to two weeks prior to the first Saturday-morning session to discuss preparation for the on-site classes and initial work on merit badge requirements. They will also communicate with Scouts after the last Saturday-morning session as needed, until February 19th, the closing date. This should give most Scouts enough time to complete their merit badge(s) during the Clinic.

Schedule of Badge Classes
ClassRoom9:00 AM10:00 AM11:00 AM
American Cultures410
American Heritage410
Bird Study1488
Citizenship in the Community15101010
Citizenship in the Nation11101010
Citizenship in the World1252525
Communications (Bokovoy)7555
Communications (Strand)1666
Digital Technology910
Disabilities Awareness (Hall)510
Disabilities Awareness (Peet)310
Emergency Preparedness101010
Family Life510
Fire Safety910
First Aid888
First Aid for Advancement810
Game Design12101010
Nuclear Science2101010
Personal Management (Peel)1366
Personal Management (Peet)31010
Public Health510
Troop 153922
Troop 156514
Troop 183010
Troop 20196
Troop 15416
Troop 15403
Troop 15293
Troop 15062
Troop 15712
Troop 15522
Troop 14962
Troop 23381
Troop 15361
Crew 15521
Troop 15191

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